If you have been charged with offences relating to assault and violence then I can help.

I have handled thousands of cases relating to assault and violence and understand that the judiciary always treat any criminal offence relating to violence very seriously and that preparation is important to achieving the right outcome.

Often the police lay a variety of charges, including unlawful assault, common assault, assault in company, recklessly causing injury and serious injury, negligently causing serious injury, intentionally causing injury and serious injury, conduct endangering person, conduct endangering life, affray and riot.

If you are pleading guilty to offences, negotiations will need to take place with the police to reduce the number of charges.Assault cases may involve a number of people been charged with various offences, the clients roll and appropriate charges will have to be negotiated with the prosecution.

There are a number of factors that could potentially mitigate a client’s actions and in some cases remove any criminal culpability at all.

Assault matters often involve multiple parties being charged. In many instances police find it very difficult to prove matters in relation to individual defendants.

The importance of engaging a specialist criminal lawyer to assist with charges involving violence cannot be overstated. I am accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria as a criminal law specialist, so you can be assured that when you take on my service, you are getting the very best representation.


Aggravated Burglary – Assault

Being Armed with Criminal Intent

Common Assault

Extortion With Threat to Destroy Property

Extortion With Threats to Kill

False Imprisonment

Intentionally Causing a Very Serious Disease


Offence to Administer Certain Substances

Public Nuisance




Threats to Kill

Unlawful Assembly

Use of Firearms in the Commission of an Offence

Intentionally Causing Serious Injury in Circumstances of Gross Violence

Intentionally Causing Serious Injury

Recklessly Causing Injury

Recklessly Causing Serious Injury

Negligently Causing Serious Injury