If you have been charged with drug offences I am available to assist you. Drug charges can range from the possession of small quantities of drugs, to trafficking in large commercial quantities of drugs and can relate to cannabis, methamphetamine (Ice), heroin, GHB and cocaine. The former will be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court whilst the latter will be dealt with in the County or Supreme Court.These charges may relate to State or Commonwealth Charges.
Whatever the charge, a finding of guilty in relation to drug charges is serious. It is important that you call me immediately on 0412 051 199 prior to making any formal record of interview.

It is important if possible to obtain experienced advice before a record of interview. All drug charges are serious and the correct strategy in dealing with these charges is important from an early stage of the investigation.

In some circumstances there may be some benefit in assisting police in a record of interview. In these circumstances it will be of benefit to answer all questions in a police recorded interview.This is usually the only opportunity to detail your full defence to the police investigating.The correct decision at this stage will have important ramifications in relation to a final result in your case.In other cases a no comment record of interview may be appropriate.
This is generalised advice and every case is different. If you are going to be interviewed with regard to drug charges then you must seek advice from a drug offence lawyer. It could be the difference between a drug conviction being recorded or not.

In certain cases assets and property may be subject to confiscation as a retraining order.In any case it is important to obtain the correct legal advice in relation to the consequences in any case.
Often clients are not advised that by pleading guilty to a Commercial Quantity Trafficking/Cultivation charge their assets are able to be confiscated or initially subjected to a restraining order.
Again each case is different so it is crucial that you seek legal advice as early as possible when facing any drug prosecution. The law is complicated and technical and these cases should be handled by a lawyer with experience. I have extensive history in handling drug cases.
If you are about to be interviewed or have already been charged, call me immediately on 0412 051 199.

Cultivation of Narcotic Plants
Cultivation of Narcotic Plants – Commercial Quantity
Cultivation of Narcotic Plants – Large Commercial Quantity
Introduction of a Drug of Dependence into the Body of Another Person
Manufacture of Heroin
Possession of a Drug of Dependence
Possession of Precursor Chemicals
Possession of Substance, Material, Documents or Equipment for Trafficking in a Drug of Dependence
Supply of Drug of Dependence to a Child
Trafficking in a Drug of Dependence
Trafficking in a Drug of Dependence – Large Commercial Quantity
Trafficking in a Drug or Drugs of Dependence – Commercial Quantity
Unauthorised Possession etc. of Poison or Controlled Substance etc.
Use of Drug of Dependence
Commonwealth Drug offences including Importation of Drugs into Australia