As a parent or guardian of a child charged with a criminal offence, it is vital to get the best advice and representation. Working with a lawyer who has specific experience and knowledge of the Children’s Court and how it operates is essential to ensuring the best outcome for your child.

The Children’s Court of Victoria can hear cases relating to a child, if they are charged with the offence before they turn nineteen. As a lawyer who regularly represents children and their families in the Children’s Court I can assist with cases both minor and complex.

One of the key differences between an adult court and the Children’s Court is in the focus and goal of the sentencing. Where for adults, punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation are factors, for children, any sentence handed down will primarily be aimed towards rehabilitation where possible.

This is an important distinction and another key reason why working with a lawyer who specialises in matters heard in the Children’s Court is paramount. With expert legal assistance working with you on the case, you have the best chance of securing a positive outcome for your child.

As mentioned above, the primary goal of the Children’s Court is to support children who have been convicted through rehabilitation, if appropriate. There are various sentencing options available if a young person is found guilty, both with and without conviction. As an experienced Children’s Court lawyer I have a thorough understanding of the workings of the court and the penalties that can be imposed. This allows me to expertly support you and your child both before, during and after the proceeding and present the case in the best possible way.