In Victoria, driving offences can result in a wide range of penalties, including fines, loss of demerit points, suspension of licence, or in serious cases, imprisonment. If you have been charged with a driving offence and have been summoned to court, it is important to seek legal advice from a lawyer who is suitably experienced in traffic law to ensure the best outcome for your case.

As one of Melbourne’s most experienced lawyers I have represented clients facing driving offences across all the major courts. My specialised knowledge of traffic law will allow me to advise you on your options and work with you to achieve the desired result for your specific case.

The process will vary depending on the seriousness of the offence in question. For example, lower range offences such as speeding or texting while driving may result in the issue of an infringement notice outlining the penalty (usually a fine and loss of demerit points) which must be paid by the specified due date. If you fail to make payment or wish to dispute the fine, you will likely need to attend court, in which case legal advice is strongly recommended.

If you are charged with a more serious offence, and are summoned to attend court, you will be required to enter a plea. In this case the penalties can be severe, and it is vital to engage a specialised lawyer as soon as possible so that you understand your options and can prepare your case in the best possible light to achieve a favourable result.

Before a penalty is handed down for any driving offence, the court will take into account the nature of the offence, the details and circumstances around it, your previous driving history, the damage or injury the incident has caused, as well as any other important information that could have reasonably impacted the incident.

For both minor and serious offences, the severity of the available penalty can range quite significantly. For this reason, it is important to engage experienced legal representation as soon as possible to allow your case to be presented in a way that will help you avoid or minimise the penalty. A well-prepared case can be the difference between a fine and a lengthy loss of licence—or in more serious cases, between jail time and an appropriate alternative.

As mentioned, the driving offence that can apply in Victoria range from minor to serious, and are mostly related to the following areas:

• accidents
• speeding
• hoon offenses
• dangerous driving
• unlicensed driving
• driving under the influence
• reckless conduct and culpable driving.