You need to speak to a sexual offences lawyer who:
• understands this area of law;
• has experience in both Magistrate contested hearings and County Court jury trials; and
• Will quickly asses the evidence and will obtain the best outcome.

A significant portion of my practice relates to representing people charged with Sex offences. Sexual Assault and Indecent Assault. and I regularly appear at the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts in Melbourne.
The laws of evidence relating to the prosecution of sexual offences are very complicated and in many circumstances time limits apply. Matters will often move quickly through the Court system.
These matters are usually conducted in Melbourne in a special list convened to handle sex offence cases only. No other offence is handled in this way.
If you have been charged with a sexual offence it is vital that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible. I understand that these matters can be embarrassing and often very personal in nature, but more than any other criminal offence it is important to seek advice early from a lawyer who regularly represents clients charged with sex offences.

If police want to interview you regarding a sexual offence it is absolutely critical that you contact me immediately prior to the record of interview.
Considering whether to make comment on your record of interview is not something that you should determine without expert legal advice. There are serious repercussions stemming from how you approach your interview. This choice should only be made after seeking advice from a practitioner who specialises in defending sex charges.
The things you say during your interview can be used against you in court, and what you put on the record could be the difference between being found guilty or not guilty.

If you have been charged or are due to be interviewed in relation to a sex offence and need advice or representation, please contact me immediately to discuss your case on 0412 051 199.

Aggravated Sexual Servitude
Assault with Intent to Rape
Child Stealing
Concealing the Birth of a Child
Deceptive Recruiting for Commercial Sexual Services
Facilitating Sexual Offences Against Children
Family Violence, Sexual Assault Lawyers Ringwood
Indecent Act with 16 Year Old Child
Indecent Act with a Child Under the Age of 16
Indecent Assault
Loitering Near Schools etc.
Occupier etc. Permitting Unlawful Sexual Penetration
Offence to Perform Female Genital Mutilation
Persistent Sexual Abuse of a Child Under the Age of 16
Possession of Child Pornography
Procurement etc. of Minor for Child Pornography
Procuring Sexual Penetration by Threats or Fraud
Procuring Sexual Penetration of Child Under the Age of 16
Production of Child Pornography
Rape Offences are regulated by the Crimes Act 1958
Sex Offence Pursuant To The Crimes Act
Sex Offence Register Amendments
Sexual Offence While Armed with an Offensive Weapon
Sexual Offences Against Residents of Residential Facilities
Sexual Penetration of a 16 or 17 Year Old Child
Sexual Penetration of Child Under the Age of 16
Sexual Performance Involving a Minor
Sexual Servitude
Take a Person from the State with Intention of Having Prohibited Female Genital Mutilation Performed